Coram Shower Pods have been specifically designed to provide the fastest and easiest means of creating a complete and watertight shower installation that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Coram Shower Pods is a leading specialist in the design and manufacturer of high quality, robust and completely watertight showering cubicles.

Alcove Pod

Bi-Fold Alcove Pod

1200 Alcove Pod

Sliding Alcove Pod

Quadrant Pod

Quadrant Pod

Corner Pod

Corner Pod

Our innovative design provides the fastest and easiest means of creating a completely watertight shower installation.

Coram Showerpods have exceeded all requirements for life time cost and installation in a number of environments ranging from leading UK house builders, educational establishments and commercial facilities.  
We are also an approved suppliers to the Mod and Codified by NATO.

We provide the fastest and easiest installation that is virtually maintenance free.  The overlapping construction of a Coram Shower pod, together with the unique patented Waterguard edge around the shower door provides a performance that is so unbeatable and reliable we offer a watertight lifetime guarantee.

Watertight Lifetime Guarantee & StayClean Glass

The Warranty on Coram Shower Pods products is structured to include 5 years for water controls, 10 years for our own manufactured doors and 25 years for the GRP structure.

Part of the UK’s leading specialists in the design and manufacturer of shower enclosures, shower trays and bathscreens for over 20 years.

Many shower enclosures manufactured abroad are prone to leaks, but this is not a problem because continental bathrooms are usually fully tiled with solid concrete floors. In Britain however, where we have wooden floors and carpeted bathrooms, leaks can cause serious damage. For a guaranteed watertight shower enclosure, fit Coram – designed and built in Britain to suit British site requirements.

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