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Shower Enclosure Care and Cleaning

Our shower enclosure cleaning tips

Limescale, mildew and stains – preventing them is the best way to maintain the finish of your shower enclosure. Here are our tips on how to keep them at bay. Note: Depending on the quality of the water in your area, cleaning frequency may vary.

Why they build up

In hard water areas, limescale is deposited whenever water is left on surfaces for long periods. Mould and mildew thrive in damp, unventilated areas. Shower enclosures provide an ideal environment for all three to develop and can appear as a grey, green, black or pink growth on surfaces.

Everyday cleaning

After every use we recommend you wipe the metal frame inside the shower with a soft cloth. Then wipe the glass with a soft cloth or a window squeegee.

Weekly cleaning

Use a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water once a week. Apply with a sponge and leave for five minutes. Rinse off with clean water and wipe down with a soft cloth or squeegee.

Spring cleaning

From time to time you may need to take specialist action to tackle more stubborn stains that develop. Here are three of the top offenders: Limescale: Remove stubborn limescale with a proprietary cleaner. But do not use:

• Lime scale removers – they will damage the aluminium frame
• Any cleaner with a pH level outside the range of 4 to 8
• Abrasive cleaners
• Cleaners containing solvents
• ‘Spray and leave’ cleaners


Eliminate any mildew on rubber seals by using a proprietary ‘Mildew and Mould Remover’ cleaner. Always consult the product’s label to check it will not damage the seals or the aluminium frame of the enclosure. And make sure any cleaner is washed off with clean water and the surfaces wiped dry.


Light scratches on the metalwork of Coram shower enclosures or on Coram shower trays can be polished out with metal polish or products such as “T Cut” or “Colour Cut”. We recommend these are used sparingly and with care (makes sure these products are washed off with clean water after use).