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Stay Clean Shower Enclosure Glass

Our easy clean credentials

All of our enclosures come with StayClean Glass as standard to make cleaning both easier and less frequently required.

Clean 50% less often

Owners of Coram shower enclosures can expect to clean between 50% and 70% less often. This is down to a microscopically thin coating we apply to the inside of our glass to provide a permanent protective layer. This unique treatment creates an incredibly smooth surface that prevents build-up of limescale and grime.

Here comes the science

You won’t notice the StayClean coating at all (except for the lack of cleaning you’re doing). It’s crystal clear and will never peel or flake. When applied to glass the molecules of the coating and the glass bond together to create a protective layer 80,000 times thinner than a human hair. It’s the same revolutionary surface treatment used to provide dirt and stain resistance for an extensive range of applications, including airport control towers, marine glass and the windscreens of top sports cars.

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