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On location at Plumbase in Bridgwater, Somerset

Date: 28/11/19

Coram has been collaborating with Plumbase for over 20 years. Plumbase has always been a significant representative of Coram products due to its dynamic approach within each showroom. As a company, Plumbase gives every branch the responsibility to design the floorspace allowing each team to build their displays based on their previous sales and industry knowledge. This ensures each Plumbase showroom is a tailored space which will appeal to their customers.

Plumbase, Bridgwater

Visiting Plumbase in Bridgwater, it is clear to see that the team are conscientious with how they position their products, ensuring a cohesive layout for their displays. All the installed products are set out for ease of the visitors, offering alternatives within proximity for easy comparisons. The showroom is currently split at ⅓ of the floorspace being dedicated to kitchen displays and ⅔ showing all aspects of the bathroom items available from them.

Customers at Plumbase, Bridgwater

Coram is one of the most popular brands within Plumbase in Bridgwater. As most of their sales come from repeat trade business, with installers finding it valuable to be familiar with the products of a brand – this is why consistency is key.

Chris, Showroom Manager, explained “From an installer’s point of view Coram products are easy to fit, lightweight, good quality packaging as well as reliable delivery and stock availability. This then resonates when it comes to their next enquiry or project.
At our showroom, a customer is often enquiring following on from an initial recommendation. We will always offer customers a few options based on three fundamentals:

  • Space
  • Design Features
  • Overall Cost

With Coram, their diverse range of products covers these variants allowing a confidence to be built from that initial recommendation… There is an association that a good product has all the backing, a poor product does not.”

Coram Products

The GB 5, Optima 6 and Premier 8 range are all renowned in the industry as your ‘fit and forget’ products. By delivering pre-assembled, easy to fit products means they can be installed very quickly with minimal adjustments and in turn decreases any room for error. The continuous development by Coram enables innovation to be championed at every opportunity but without overcomplicating the design.

Chris commented “They are simplistic, there is nothing too extravagant with the design. Each Coram product is nice looking and simple – some manufacturers make such differential between their ranges. Coram is a ‘safe’ product.”

Working with Coram

Coram prides itself on its honest approach and openness through every aspect of the business. The continuous support from Coram sales, customer service and technical teams is always available for all of our customers. We encourage every customer to register their guarantee when their Coram product has been installed. This puts each customer at ease that it has a 10-year warranty in place.

Chris commented: “Coram reps are always accessible and happy to support. We find it easy to build up trust with them as they are only ever a phone call away. The order of a product is always trackable which means we get up-to-date delivery information. We advise delivery to be 3-5 working days but I have known instances whereby an order is placed at 1pm and it arrives by 9.30am the following day!”


A big thank you to Chris and his team for talking to us.