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The driving force behind current trends

Date: 16/06/19

What are the latest trends in showers and baths in new homes?
What’s driving these trends?
How have you responded to these trends in your product range?

Open Plan: Ideal for a Spacious Bathroom

As we saw many years ago with the advent of the kitchen/diner, one of the latest trends within the design of showering is the open plan sleep space / shower space; which is becoming increasingly popular. Taking inspiration from chic hotel design, the opportunity to take down walls and open-up rooms to create a luxurious environment is ever more desirable to house buyers.

Homes designed with an open plan, spacious bathroom offer further possibilities to create larger, more expansive showering spaces and imaginative, integrated room plans are ideal to incorporate a multi-functional wetroom or wet area.

The addition of a glass screen (or configuration of screens) ensure water is contained in the wet area of the bathroom.

Bespoke Enclosures

We have noticed continued growth in demand for our bespoke products over a sustained period.

Inventive design of new-build properties means bathroom design can be increasingly unique, with designers maximising opportunities to add showering spaces in all kinds of configurations.

For unique projects, bespoke wetroom panels or shower enclosures that are angled, notch-cut or have increased/reduced height and width, are ideal to showcase a showstopping bathroom space.

Both Impey and Coram offer exclusive bespoke portfolios, with lead times from as a little as 4 weeks.



Back to Black: Get in on the Crittal-style trend

The trend for industrially-inspired design is continuing to gather mainstream traction; with the addition of black-framed wetroom panels or enclosures and coordinating black bathroom accessories.

For housebuilders keen to incorporate the black-framed shower panel trend into a contemporary shower space, Impey’s beautiful ‘Soho’ range quickly and simply creates a strong on-trend, design statement.

To embrace the industrial style more conservatively, many designers are opting for black bathroom accessories as an ideal way to encompass the industrial ambience and stay on the right side of stylish.

Geesa’s ‘Nemox Black’ collection of bathrooms accessories is distributed exclusively by Impey in the UK.

Universal Showering Spaces

The consequences of future proofing and multigenerational living have added an emphasis within the bathroom environment which many housebuilders have become mindful of.

For housebuilders wishing to create a walk-in showering space that is versatile, adaptable and easy to maintain, an accessible wetroom is an ideal choice; allowing prospective purchasers to consider how they can maximise their homes’ long-term potential.

In addition, simple but effective accessorising, with products like Coram’s Boston Comfort and Safety range, can help to create a shower space that can be used by every kind of user, regardless of age or physical limitations.