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Shower spaces: clever made-to-measure

Coram Group UK’s sales director, Liam Ryan (right), looks at the escalating trend for installing ‘made to measure’ shower enclosures and glass panels, to create a customised shower experience.

Interior design is the creation of a living space, incorporating elements of personalisation to impact the space and determine how we feel about living in it. A powerful part of daily life, the design of our homes affects how we live and interact within the space. The option to specify size, colour and style of furniture pieces, fabrics and wallpapers is now the expected norm.

But, for many years bathroom designers haven’t been able to offer custom made showering options because shower enclosures and glass wet room panels have been available only in standard shapes, sizes and colours.

Unusually shaped rooms
As extending into attics, lofts, basements and garages has become increasingly popular, the necessity to offer products that will fit into these often unusually shaped rooms has become gradually more important.

But, of course, creating an extra showering space in a potentially awkward location can throw up unforeseen problems.

In attic and loft locations, roof angles and trusses can prevent the effective installation of a standard sized shower enclosures or wet room panels, while a basement conversion may often have reduced ceiling height or oddly shaped rooms.

What many installers may not realise when planning and pricing up conversion jobs is that there is another option to a standard size and shape shower space.

Customisation of the shower space is becoming ever more popular and such has been the rise in bespoke orders, Coram has set up its own bespoke sales division, which has proved to be a huge success as more installers and bathroom retailers learn about the service.

The option to specify bespoke shower enclosures has been possible for many years, but in recent times Coram found that the demand for tailor-made showering options has risen.

It is now able to offer a large variety of bespoke enclosure configurations, which is made to order, to fit into even the most awkward of locations.

It’s a common misconception that shower enclosures and glass wet room panels only come in standard sizes only. So many renovation projects, particularly conversions, need enclosures and panels to be made-to-measure to work around specific requirements.

Among the options for bespoke shower enclosures (bath screens or wet room panels), is the possibility to specify a product to your own exact measurements.

It can offer your client an extra layer of choice, customer service and flexibility to set your business apart from competitors. When it comes to what you might want to order, the possibilities are vast, to suit virtually every situation or space.


Here’s some information about bespoke enclosure and glass panel options and where you may need to use them:

  1. An angled enclosure/panels: An angled enclosure, with angles taken out of either side (or both sides) can fit into a space incorporating a sloping ceiling. It is an ideal choice when you’re installing an enclosure in a loft or attic conversion, or creating a wet room in an under-stairs recess, where a standard option won’t fit.
  2. A reduced or extra height enclosure/panels: A reduced height enclosure can be reduced from a standard height to your required specification. Reduced height is particularly useful in areas where a standard height cubicle is too tall to fit comfortably into the space, for example, a basement conversion with low ceilings. Incorporating extra height into an enclosure can also be useful to create a polished look and feel to a design in a room with higher than average ceilings. We offer extra height enclosures up to a maximum of 1,900mm (glass wet room panels are available up to a maximum height of two metres).
  3. Reduced or extra width enclosure/panels: If you are creating a shower space in a compact area, for example, a small bathroom reconfiguration where you are short of space to fit in both a bath and a regular sized enclosure, a reduced width enclosure can help by incorporating the enclosure into a smaller space. Alternatively, a wider shower space can be specified to offer a more luxurious showering experience. The maximum width can be tailored to specific needs by combining an enclosure with tailor-made panels.
  4. Notch cut enclosure/panels: It is possible to specify an enclosure or glass panels with a notch cut option to accommodate an unusual shape room. Notch cut options are particularly useful if the proposed shower space has protruding walls, or to fit around a dwarf wall feature, which may have been built into the shower space as a seating option.
  5. Bespoke glass options: It is also possible to order bespoke enclosures and wet room panels/screens with alternative glass finishes, ranging from satin or mirrored glass to coloured variants including bronze, grey and green.

Jul 7, 2016