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What is a ShowerPod?

Very simply, a ShowerPod is a self-contained, leak-free shower cubicle.

Our Coram ShowerPods comes in a huge variety of configurations and sizes to ensure they are adaptable to every showering situation, from small corner arrangements to spacious quadrant enclosures.

If you are looking for an attractive, modern and completely leak-free all in one shower unit, then a ShowerPod is definitely for you! Owing to the unique, leak-free overlapping construction of the GRP walls, an impenetrable barrier is created to guard against any water leakage. The clever design and build of the carefully engineered sealed shower pods also ensures that all water runs directly to the tray, preventing any water leaking to outside of the unit and into the bathroom; offering complete peace of mind.


Each leak free Shower Pod is conveniently supplied as a complete package with a superb choice of thermostatic mixer shower, and all required fixtures and fittings; so, it can be installed quickly and easily within its own footprint, into even the smallest of spaces. All units also come with a high-quality Coram shower door, combining an elegant, contemporary look and easy-clean finish, ideal for modern accommodation.

Owing to the simple installation benefits and fast-fit nature of the Coram leak proof shower pods, units can typically be installed by one man, with shower connected, within just a few hours; offering complete convenience and minimal downtime in a refurbishment situation. What’s more, our sealed shower pods can even be installed on top of existing tiling, so you don’t have to worry about removing tiles or organising a plasterer; what could be easier!

Finally, if you’d like to add a pop of colour or a hint of sparkle to your unit, the exciting Coram ShowerPods range will not disappoint. All configurations, including the popular quadrant shower pods, corner shower pods and alcove shower pods are available in a choice of six stylish granite effects and a huge selection of RAL colours, to ensure you can specify a perfectly-coordinated leak proof shower pod which completes your project flawlessly.

Take a look at our Showerpod options, to find out which Showerpod configuration suits your project.

May 8, 2018