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Captured on Camera at Coram Showers HQ

Date: 6/02/20

James and Hattie

Captured on Camera at Coram Showers HQ

At the beginning of the year we invited Hattie Hasan MBE (Stopcocks) and James Lawrence (Plumberparts) to Coram Showers HQ in Somerset. Being two strong advocates within our industry, it was great to be the first to get the two of them to collaborate and what better way than to set them a task; to install our Premier 8 Sliding Door with Side Panel.


Our Premier 8 range is renowned for offering a range of luxury shower enclosures, standing tall at 2000mm with pre-assembled elements for quick installation. Being one of the latest additions to the range, our Premier 8 Sliding Door had not been assembled by Hattie or James before, so they were both able to give their first impression on the product. It was a fantastic opportunity to witness their shared passion for showering innovation as well as capture their personal view on each feature as the install went along.

The pair were eager to get started to see how we, Coram Showers, distinguished our products by reviewing everything from the packaging, to the step-by-step guide provided as well as the quality and innovative mechanisms.

Like true professionals, the two of them familiarised themselves with the installation guide and then set to work. Working in unison, they both observed the ingenious design aspects such as our Cam and Pin system, Level and Lock screwless adjustment and 20mm profile adjustment, to name a few. With fantastic tips naturally coming through from the experienced pair, everyone took something away from the day.

We look forward to seeing Hattie and James work alongside each other again, but next time we will set them a harder challenge – this install was far too easy!


See the video for yourself here.