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Market analysis of bathscreens and enclosures

Date: 16/05/19

What key features are consumers currently looking for?

Reliable branded products that are excellent quality, well designed and manufactured and can be fitted easily and quickly.

Some market research which Coram Group UK carried out recently identified that aesthetically, consumers prefer a minimal, streamlined frameless design, but often other factors including budget influenced the decision making process.

Further features that our research identified as highly desirable are spacious enclosure size and a practical, easy-clean design. Retailers also recognised that maximum glass thicknesses are still being requested by consumers who feel that thicker glass is more secure, but that very thick glass (15mm+) can be impractical due to weight.

How are sales of shower enclosures performing?

The first two quarters of this year were very positive for Coram. We are still in quarter three and despite the uncertainty of the market started by the BREXIT vote, we were able to expand our sales team with the addition of a new Specification Manager and further increase the interest in our products from the specification area of the market.

Is there still a strong market for bath screens?

Bath screens are still a popular purchase, and are definitely a preference for those homeowners with an over-bath shower, having many advantages over the use of a shower curtain.

Families with younger children tend to prefer the opportunity to use a bath in their main, family-bathroom, until the children are old enough to shower themselves – ensuring that there is an ongoing demand for modern, attractive bath screens.

Our recent market research identified that once children reach circa 7 years old, families are more likely to look towards bath replacement solutions – shower enclosures or wetrooms etc.

Any advice/key selling points you can offer to retailers?

To help retailers explain the wetroom fitting process to their customers Impey has developed a cut-away point of sale, which visually illustrates the layers of a wetroom installation. It’s helpful for consumers to see the technology behind the wetroom construction, and be able to understand the components involved in creation of the leak-free showering environment.

Are there any emerging trends/emerging technologies for retailers to look out for?

Bespoke enclosures are growing in popularity as extending into attics, lofts, basements and garages has become commonplace. We have noticed a significant increase in requests for bespoke enclosures as the necessity to offer showering solutions that will fit into unusually shaped rooms has become more important.

Simultaneously, the continuing trend for wetroom installation has undoubtedly given rise to the popularity of glass panels and panel combinations.