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Showering secrets for small spaces

Date: 16/05/19

For many homeowners the bathroom is often smallest room in the house. Glamorous images of expansive bathrooms and open-plan en suites are great for inspiration, but if it’s some practical advice you need to help create a perfectly formed small shower space, these tips from Coram Showers’ brand manager Lizzie Ilsley, could be just what you’ve been waiting for.

The Beauty of a Bi-Fold

To make the most of a small space or maximise design options within a shower-room layout, consider the kind of shower enclosure which will create a best-fit solution….

To offer best use of floor-space in a small shower room, an enclosure which utilises an inward-opening bi-fold door can offer a practical, space saving option. Install a bi-folding shower door into an alcove, or, use in conjunction with an arrangement of side-panels, to give flexibility with your bathroom layout and take full advantage of the room’s footprint.

Coram’s ‘Optima range of bi-fold shower doors comes in five widths, with a choice of plain, satin or modesty glass available, prices starting from £394.82 RRP.

Pick a Pivot

Another option for compact shower room is to opt for an enclosure with a pivot door. A corner cubicle with a pivot door can make the most of an awkward shape room and offer a space-saving solution for smaller rooms.

A frameless, hinged pivot door not only offers a sleek and contemporary look but can also offers fitting options for enclosures and alcove locations, to accommodate a wide variety of design needs.

In addition, it’s an option to choose a white frame, which can blend into the background and ensure your shower sits seamlessly in its surroundings.

Coram’s Optima range of pivot shower doors is available in five width fittings and also comes with a choice of plain, satin or modesty glass, with prices starting from £289.58 RRP.

Space-Saving Sliders

A sliding door shower enclosure can offer a sleek and contemporary look to your shower room and is an ideal space saving option for compact design schemes. Particularly suited to an alcove or corner situation, the sliding door can also be combined with a side panel to accommodate your exact fitting requirements if an off the shelf unit doesn’t work well with your room’s dimensions.

The pleasing, smooth action and modern appearance of the sliding door enclosure means it’s ideal for contemporary design schemes and modern homes.

Plus, the Coram Optima range of sliding shower doors incorporates quick release wheels for easy cleaning and is available with chrome and white finish frames; prices starting from £445.32.

Buy Bespoke

If you’re in the process of renovating your home and you’d like to add an en suite or shower space into an awkwardly shaped room, don’t worry if a standard size shower enclosure won’t fit…

In attics, lofts, under-stair spaces, converted garages or even basements, where a conventional shower enclosure can’t be accommodated, you can opt for a custom-made enclosure which can be manufactured to fit your exact dimensions.

Coram Showers offers a variety of bespoke shower units, and glass panel solutions which are ideal for rooms with: angled ceilings; reduced height/width or extra height/width requirements; notch-cutting requirements.

Bespoke shower enclosures and glass panels are made to order, prices available on enquiry.

Add Some Accessories

Often overlooked until the last minutes, a well-thought-out selection of contemporary accessories can transform the look and functionality of your new shower room.

Ensure you can utilise your shower space to its fullest, by adding a selection of cleverly-placed accessories; meaning your toiletries and towels are close at hand when needed. Consider wall-mounting accessories within the shower area, including wire basket storage, a soap dispenser or even a handy footrest to make your shower experience more comfortable and convenient.

Finally, perhaps consider future proofing your space by adding a contemporary handrail or two. No longer reserved for just accessible bathrooms, a luxurious, modern grab bar can provide ideal support in many situations (for younger and older members of the family who may be visiting) and can make an excellent extra towel rail when not in direct use.

The Boston Comfort and Safety range of accessories available from Coram incorporates style and safety, and prices start from £24.96